Our Journey Towards a Wholistic Life

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Too Hot To Not Handle

Its a catchy phrase and a real good flick. Tonite's community screening of HBO's TOO HOT TO NOT HANDLE with Mayor Greg Nickels was probably the only time I'll get to watch HBO but only confirmed what I think about almost every day-"we've got to get moving". Seattle is an amazingly progressive city in many arenas which makes it easier to act with a social conscious, but what's happening everywhere else? This film explains it quite simply-we are all being affected. So if you're a farmer in Oregon, a condo developer in Florida or a commuter in New York City and you want the low down on the effects of global warming in your region catch this film premiering on Earth Day.
And if you don't like what you see and feel empowered to make a difference join Mayor Greg Nickels and many others across the nation to STOP GLOBAL WARMING by joining the virtual march at http://www.stopglobalwarming.org/default.asp.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Great Green Home Reference

Since my speciality as a real estate agent is "green" homes in Seattle I was thrilled to read this month's issue of Northwest Home & Garden. It highlights a few remarkable green homes in our area and gives an incredible amount of info about what makes a home green. This is a great resource for anyone with "Green Confusion Disorder" and anyone else interested in the lastest and greatest Seattle home projects.
You can read it online at http://www.nwhomeandgarden.com/.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tomorrow's Oil Crisis

Watch IT!!
We Were Warned Tomorrow's Oil Crisis! Airs: March 18 and 19 at 8 p.m. PST.
What if a hurricane wiped out Houston, Texas, and terrorists attacked oil production in Saudi Arabia? CNN Presents looks at a hypothetical scenario about the vulnerability of the world's oil supply, the world's remaining sources of oil and explores the potential of alternative fuels.

Read IT!!
Behind the Scenes: Powering the planet written by Frank Sesno on his excursion around the globe in search of oil. Behind the Scenes.
"Here's the number that became my real frame of reference: The world uses 84 million barrels of oil every day. Every day. And demand is expected to grow by 40 percent in the next 20 years as America's appetite grows and China and India modernize." - Sesno

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Books Galore

This week I found myself with a whole lotta books. Maybe 1000 total were being cleaned out of a house I just listed for sale and I needed to find them a home. My first strategy was to list them on Craig's List for free. I basically spread them across the driveway and said come and get em! That worked for probably 1/3 of them. People were coming by with collapsable crates in hand ready to take their fill. My next strategy was to drop boxes of books off at Eco Encore drop sites.
Eco Encore raises funds for environmental organizations in the Pacific Northwest through the resale of used books, CDs, DVDs, and software. Just a few of the recipients of their funds include Seattle Tilth, Transportation Choices Coalition and Washington Trails Association. Yeah!!
Eco Encore does pickups if you have over 200 books but I was in a hurry so I visited 2 of their drop sites: The Restore at 1440 NW 52nd St. in Ballard and InterConnection next to the Ship Canal in Fremont. When I filled the Eco Encore bins I took the rest to the Goodwill in Ballard. So I was happily able to recycle all those books and support some good causes in the process. Gotta love it when doing good is that easy!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Miserable Hack

Its 3am and I'm up! My lungs are so congested that my own wheezing is keeping me awake...and preventing me from getting a full breath. This sucks! Who invented this crap? Its going on week 2 for me now and I keep hoping tomorrow will be the day it breaks. I've avoided the doctor thus far since antibiotics are only for bacterial infections and this is clearly viral-no color to the mucous, no fever, no sore throat, no sinus blockage. I also already have a prescription for albuterol being an asthmatic and all-lucky me! Albuterol helps but only if the mucous is moving and I'm actively coughing which is not happening tonite. I've tried Claritin-D, Flonase, Advil, aspirin, herbal cough remedies, Olba oils, teas such as Herba Tussin and Cold Care P.M. laced with garlic, cayenne pepper & whiskey but tonite the only thing that seems to be working is the one thing I shouldn't take-Robitussin. A swig of that and my lungs are relaxing and I can start coughing again. It doesn't make sense since its a cough suppressant/expectorant. Everywhere I read "they" say don't suppress your cough because you want it to clear otherwise it could become infected. Maybe Robitussin has upped the expectorant percentage-cause its working. The hot teas have also been helping-they don't reduce the inflammation but they do get things moving.
I know viral infections have to just run their course but it worries me that this is taking so long. Maybe I'm prolonging it because I don't feel sick so I've been going at normal speeds. I spent last weekend in a Thai Massage Course which was actually really relaxing and hopefully helped clear my energy channels. I also visited my trusty Acupuncturist Manu who was unfortunately experiencing the same thing. The weird thing was the day I visited him I felt good-no chest congestion! It was like going to the mechanic about a weird noise and not being able to reproduce the noise. So I thought it was done but no such luck. I'll have to go back, maybe a series is required.
The hardest part now is seeing Nat get the same thing. I thought he was escaping this one since he only had very, very mild chest congestion but tonite it appears worse. This viral bronchitis is obviously going around because 2 people in my massage class had it, my friend Tom has it and every second person I run into has it. Its a bit scarey to think about how fast a virus can move and spread in this day and age. One question I have is do we acquire immunity to a virus once we've had it? Or can we keep on getting it again and again? Am I prolonging my experience of it because I keep coming into contact with others that have it? And what is the best defense against viral infections i.e. what could I start taking or doing when I feel immune compromised to specifically prevent being a breeding ground for viruses? Ok thats more than one question but if you have any answers I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Checked Out Cash

I can't believe I waited this long but I haven't had a lot of time to see movies lately. Luckily the Crest Cinema was playing "Walk the Line" tonite for a good ole 3 bucks. The line to get in was around the block so I thought for sure we'd be sitting thru "Pride & Prejudice" but low and behold there were front row seats. So despite having to lay down to see the screen properly I LOVED IT! I mean it just carried me away to the tune of some very well known Johnny Cash songs. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did a superb job! I've never really followed Cash's life, I didn't even know who June Carter was, but who doesn't know Cash's voice? The movie, for me, gave his song's context. If this film was even close to what John & June really did together I'm a big fan now. They died in 2003, 4 months apart, after 35 years of marriage, making music together and living their passion! Hoorah! Thanks for a glimpse into two truly inspiring lives.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Take Back My E-Waste

Every day I discover something new about Seattle. Today I came across the "Take It Back Network" of King and Snohomish Counties.

"The Take it Back Network is a group of retailers, repair shops, non-profit organizations, waste haulers and recyclers that accept used electronic equipment for reuse or recycling. The Take it Back Network was developed to provide consumers with safe, convenient reuse and recycling options for their electronic products. By reusing and recycling electronics, we can save resources and reduce the amount of harmful contaminants that enter the environment."

As of October 1, 2005, King County joins the City of Seattle and Snohomish county in prohibiting computers, monitors, TVs and cell phones from the garbage and transfer stations. This is because e-waste contains heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and other hazardous materials and can cause damage to living organisms at very low concentrations and tend to accumulate in the food chain.

"Starting September 12, 2005, participating Staples stores will accept computers, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners and other peripherals for recycling. A fee will be charged for this service."

So now we have another alternative to help us reduce our waste. In some states, like California, they've already made it policy to charge consumers up front for the cost of recycling their e-waste. This brings the cost of buying one step closer to representing the true cost of a products entire lifecycle.